About Us

In 1994, a group of forward thinking citizens from the Scottsville area, saw the need for creating an organization working under Kentucky statutes, that could work with existing, and attract new, industries to the city and county. Taking into account the concerns and visions of both municipal and county interests, a unique incorporation was formed.

ACS-IDA Board Members

Adam Tabor

Mike Miller

Al Pedigo

Brian Carter

AJ Anderson

Jimmy Blankenship

The Allen County / Scottsville Industrial Development Authority is a six member corporation, with three members being appointed by the city, and three members appointed by the county. These members work in concert to identify, negotiate and finance the inclusion of new industries to the community.

The track record of the organization has been stellar, attracting new business such as JM Smuckers, the Halton Company, and working with companies like Sumitomo to expand existing operations over their short history.

Members of the IDA, working with federal, state and local officials over a period of time were successful in lobbying for and garnering a new four lane highway (231) between Scottsville and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Today, with the addition of a Director of Economic Development, Johnny Hobdy, the corporation is actively seeking opportunities to expand the employment base of the community. The current chairman of the Industrial Authority is Adam Tabor.