Halton Company Donates Land to Allen County-Scottsville IDA

Halton Company Donates Land to Allen County-Scottsville IDA

May, 2013 (Scottsville, KY)

Halton Company located in Scottsville in 1997. At the time, Halton employed 27 people. At the economic peak of 2008, Halton employed over 150 people with three full work shifts. Since the recession, construction has been a hard hit area, but Halton has held its own, with an initial drop in 2009 of about 20%, and then a rather constant performance until 2012 when more stable economic conditions started showing increases again in commercial construction. Today, Halton Company employs 112 people and is on the way to one of its best years since 2008.

In 2007 Halton Company purchased the adjoining land, consisting of approximately 18 acres, from the Allen County-Scottsville Industrial Development Authority. The land was originally purchased with the plan of building additional laboratory space and corporate headquarter office space. The agreement between Halton and the IDA stipulated that Halton had ten years to develop the land or the IDA could buy-back the land at 95% of the purchased price.

After a January Board meeting this year, it was determined by Halton’s Chairman of the Board, Mika Halttunen, that in order for the company to follow its imposed guidelines of being a good corporate neighbor and assist communities where it has operations, that the purchased property would be donated back to the community free of charge. “With operations in over 24 countries, and major investments planned for emerging markets, we feel that it would be best for Halton and best for the community to put this land back into the hands of the IDA to assist the community with faster and further development; to increase the economic opportunities of the community and people that reside there.” Halton’s CEO Heikki Rinne commented “It is always important to us that we assist our communities in any way possible. Hopefully, this donation will give the IDA immediate marketable property that can assist growth and taxable income for the community.”

Phil Meredith, Halton VP of Operations, Americas indicated, “The Scottsville community has been good to Halton. The workforce is stable, strong, and has given our company a competitive edge against other manufacturers. It is my hope that this gift gives just a little back to the community.”

“I’m proud to work for a company that cares about the community”, said Rick Bagwell, President Halton Americas. “However, I am also proud of Scottsville and the hard work of the City, County and IDA Board. Not many communities our size would have the excellent track record that our IDA has compiled. It is also worthy to note that not many communities have the excellent work-ready workforce, outstanding school district, and cooperative atmosphere between City and County officials that makes Scottsville a unique place to live and work.”

“Halton Company has always been a great asset to the City of Scottsville and their generosity to the community is a matter of history” said Rob Cline, Mayor of the City of Scottsville. “Their gift of this tract of land to the IDA is an extension of their generosity over the years. I am truly grateful on behalf of the City of Scottsville to Chairman Halttunen, Rick Bagwell and the Halton Company for giving the IDA this opportunity to promote growth and economic development in our community.”

Johnny Hobdy, Allen County Judge Executive, added “We are certainly appreciative to the Halton Company for their donation of land to the Allen County-Scottsville IDA.  Halton continues to be an important partner in job creation in Scottsville and Allen County. This gift further shows their commitment to our community and its continued growth.”

 “The Halton Company continues to be an excellent corporate citizen and neighbor” said State Representative Wilson Stone. “In donating this tract of land to the Allen County-Scottsville IDA, they show unwavering support for this community and its efforts to provide even more job opportunities for its citizens.”

Richie Sanders, Executive Director of the Allen County-Scottsville IDA, said “I want to especially thank Rick Bagwell for his leadership and positive encouragement in our endeavors and in helping to make Scottsville and Allen County an even better place to live and work in the future.”  “The Allen County-Scottsville IDA cannot begin to express its gratitude to Chairman Halttunen and the Halton Company for making possible the donation of this tremendous gift.”

Jordan Clarke, Chairman of the Board of the Allen County-Scottsville IDA added “On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Allen County-Scottsville IDA, we are thrilled that Halton has chosen to donate this property so that we can continue to pursue the creation of jobs in Scottsville. We have a terrific Director in Richie Sanders and this gives us immediate opportunities.”