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Selected Market Centers

Percent of U.S Within 600 Miles of Allen County



Personal Income


Retail Sales


Manufacturing Employment


Highway Distance to Selected Market Centers

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1.Atlanta, GA28211.Dallas, TX72021.Nashville, TN62
2.Baltimore, MD69212.Detroit, MI48222.New Orleans, LA592
3.Birmingham, AL25213.Houston, TX84223.New York, NY861
4.Boston, MA107014.Indianapolis, IN23324.Norfolk, VA711
5.Buffalo, NY65315.Jacksonville, FL63125.Oklahoma City, OK736
6.Charlotte, NC42016.Kansas City, MO54526.Omaha, NE735
7.Chicago, IL41417.Lexington, KY15827.Philadelphia, PA788
8.Cincinnati, OH22018.Louisville, KY11728.Pittsburgh, PA507
9.Cleveland, OH46619.Memphis, TN26529.St. Louis, MO303
10.Columbus, OH32620.Minneapolis, MN82130.Wichita, KS742
  • Population Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, 2008 population estimate
  • Personal Income Source: 2007 Regional Economic Accounts, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), US Dept of Commerce
  • Retail Sales Source: 2002 Economic Census, US Census Bureau
  • Manufacturing Employment Source: 2007 County Business Patterns, US Census Bureau
  • Highway Distance Source: ESRI Arcview StreetMap, 2007